"We Grill, We Smoke, We Q"

Welcome to the Smokin-AJ's BBQ Competition Team website. When we are not on the competition trail, we are available to provide you with some of the most succulent, mouth-watering, award-winning barbecue. Let us take the worry out of feeding your guests. If your guest leave one of our events hungry, it's cause they're vegetarians!

December 2011-
Well the Smokin-AJ's Team ended another great year.. We traveled to Perry, FL for the FBA Triple Crown BBQ Championships. We competed against 30 of the best cook teams in the FBA. We landed a 3rd place in Chicken, and a 10th place in Pork. We had 15th in Ribs.. We landed a 12th place overall finish.. In this crowd, that is very impressive and we are grateful for that. We will be off for a couple of months and then right back at it. Until then, Happy Holidays!


June/July 2011--
Smokin-AJ's is gearing up to start cooking again... Smokin-AJ's picks up a new sponsor!!!! Big Ron's Rub out of Houston Texas!

April 24th Update--
Smokin-AJ's competed in Barnesville Blues BBQ Contest this weekend.. 49 teams. 11th overalll... We landed:
3rd Pork and Top 20 Finish in Chicken, Ribs, and Brisket..

Smokin-AJ's moved up to 5th from 12th in the FBA Triple Crown Series.... That's what I am talking about..

April 2nd Update--
Folks, this year, I have a personal goal of going to the 2011 FBA Triple Crown this year in Perry, FL. This contest separates the men from the boys of BBQ..I know I can cook great "Q" but the question remains can I compete against the best.. YES I CAN!
And it has already begun with the first leg of the GA FBA Triple Crown Series.. Currently I am #12 in the state and number one in PULLED PORK!!
Click on GA Map Below to see my current standing in the Triple Crown Series...

Keep checking back to my website to get more contest updates!   

Competition Update! April, 2011

The Smokin-AJ's Team had a spectacular weekend at the SOTW-Smoke on the Water BBQ Contest.
48 professional cook teams took the field this past weekend
Smokin-AJ's landed a 1st place in the Pulled Pork Category!


 1st Place Pork Loin-GBA LANE Packing Peach Pit BBQ Contest!

Smokin-AJ's DOES it AGAIN 1st Place Ribs(April 2011 Hazlehurst BBQ Blast)

Smokin-AJ's lands 5th place Pork(April 2011 Hazlehurst BBQ Blast)